The Book

The Left Over Daughters


In 1964, the stunningly beautiful Petra arrives in the tiny settlement of West End, Grand Bahama. Almost immediately, she embarks on a fevered romance with Julius Johnson, unwittingly setting into motion a series of events that will come to touch every member of their family.

On the day of her grand high society wedding, Petra discovers that Julius is involved with Annie, the daughter of the local woman known for her devastatingly effective spells and incantations. By marrying Julius, Petra triggers a malignant hatred in the depths of Annie’s malevolent soul. Over the years, Annie uses all the powers of obeah—the dark arts—to avenge perceived slights supposedly inflicted on her by Petra and her daughters.

Petra and her girls—Monica, Diane, Sheryl, Debbie and Barbara—are doomed to experience misfortune after misfortune as Annie exacts her revenge. Candice and Tiffany, Annie’s daughters with Julius, suffer, too, from the stigma of their parentage. Throughout their childhoods and well into their adult lives, all of the Johnson daughters are tormented by Annie, whom everyone calls the Witch…until the inevitable denouement, which irreparably shatters all of their lives forever.